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Metra ARLNGAMMO Fiberglass Hunting Arrow Replica Antenna With Fiberglass Mast 20-Inch

The antenna for hunters - in popular camouflage and designed to replicate a hunting arrow (nonlethal). Even has the faux fletching and knock on top. This replacement antenna is easy to install and designed to fit into most factory antenna bases using one of the included adapters - 10 of the most popular. Improve your radio reception or replace your broken antenna with this 20-inch Ammotenna in super cool hydro-dip camo design. Fits into the original antenna location for AM-FM stations and includes a removable mast. This antenna that looks like an arrow adds some personality to your vehicle and you will easily spot it in a crowded lot.Nonlethal arrow replica 20-inch replacement antenna for better radio reception and super cool camo designIncludes adapters for roof or fender mounting as well as a removable mast for when you need to take down this arrow-style antennaFits into the original antenna location for AM-FM stations and fits most factory antenna basesMultiple adapters included to fit different makes and models so you can easily install and enjoy clear radio reception againThis 20-inch antenna is made of fiberglass to hold up well to the rigors of on-road and off-road useThis arrow-shaped replacement antenna is easy to install and a rubber washer is included to help seal out water and protect the surface of your truck or car Family

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